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Dream Builders

What is the dream builders program?

Dream Builders is a captivating cultural education, work education and career planning package for Aboriginal young people. It can be delivered in-school or at other locations such as community centres, youth services and employment agencies.

Dream Builders promotes school completion to Year 12 and transition to further education, vocational training and employment. The program provides a range of culturally relevant and engaging activities that reach into the world of work and participation in the economy.

A targeted program for young Aboriginal people

Dream Builders offers an inspirational, practical and experiential approach to learning, giving Aboriginal young people opportunities to participate in modules covering Aboriginal Identity, Art & Performance, Culture & Careers, Land Management and work education components such as Career Profiling, Career Planning and Work Experience.

We aim to nurture our young people’s understanding, appreciation and connection to Aboriginal culture and history, as well as set them up for success as they transition from school to work, higher education or vocational training.

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in Darkinyung language, means ‘make tomorrow’. We share the wisdom, spirituality and customs of Aboriginal people through innovative cultural, employment, training and career pathway programs.

For more information on our Dream Builders Program contact us and speak to our school programs coordinator.