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Employment & Training

Bara Barang supports Aboriginal candidates into work and training in partnership with employers to meet their recruitment and workforce needs. Mentoring is a critical component of our support.

For Young People

Together we build your ‘dream’ – what YOU want for your future.

Come on a journey that supports your Aboriginal identity and cultural education.

Learn how kinship responsibility relates to work education and career planning.

Gain skills, training and employment in line with your goals.

For Employers

Work with us to attract, select, employ and retain Aboriginal people in work.

Partner with us on career planning and development, recognition for leadership and celebrating success of Aboriginal staff.

Join our ‘Gadu Employment Project’ to share in effective recruitment, training, employment and mentoring practices for businesses expanding their Aboriginal workforce.

Workplace Mentoring

Access mentoring for your Aboriginal staff, including Apprentices, Trainees & School-based Apprentices-Trainees.

Mentoring is a relationship intervention strategy that can have powerful and lasting positive effects, including the improvement on vocational outcomes for Aboriginal young people.

Mentoring is for employers and supervisors too – we can help you understand the fundamentals of Aboriginal culture and develop respectful practices that enhance the cultural safety experience of Aboriginal people, families and communities.

We acknowledge workplaces already mentor staff formally or informally – additional mentoring from experts in our team is from a cultural context – as it fits well with Aboriginal teaching and learning styles and can help build strong cohesive ties that brings together home life, community life and work life.

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in Darkinyung language, means ‘make tomorrow’. We share the wisdom, spirituality and customs of Aboriginal people through innovative cultural, employment, training and career pathway programs.

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